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The conflict in Syria has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.

Syrian children in Lebanon

Photo caption: Nine-year-old Duaak (red t-shirt) with her friends in a camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Duaak and her family fled Syria after several of their neighbours were killed in a rocket attack in Syria. (Photo: Joêlle El Dib / Caritas Lebanon)

For five years Syrians have taken shelter in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan but as the war rolls on the numbers of people fleeing are continuing to rise. There are currently 1.75 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan and 2.7 million refugees in Turkey. 

In total, over seven million people have been forced from their homes in Syria, with nearly five million people seeking shelter in neighbouring and European countries.

Many are leaving their homes with nothing but hope of finding safety for their families.

Support Syrians Now

You can also donate by phone 1850 408 408 (ROI) or 0800 912 1200 (NI)

Donation type

How your donation can support Syrian families

40 euro

€40 / £30

will provide enough food for one family in Syria for a month

200 euro

€200 / £150

will provide shelter/rental support for one month for two families

500 euro

€500 / £400

will support five families for the coming winter months with warm clothes, blankets and generator fuel

Your support at work

Thanks to the tremendous support of people throughout Ireland, Trócaire has been providing food and shelter to Syrian refugees, as well as people who have remained in Syria since 2013.

We are also providing psychological support to ensure peoples safety and dignity. This is a vital lifeline to Syrians and other refugees in the Middle East who are struggling to cope with the impacts of displacement and war.

We are now working with Syrian communities in Syria, Lebanon, Serbia and Greece. The fact that we are responding to this conflict in five countries across two continents illustrates the scale of the need and the complexity of the problem.

Over recent months, we have all been shocked by the awful images of Syrian families and the shocking scenes of bodies washing up on beaches as desperate people try to make their way to Europe.

While this crisis has rightfully grabbed the world’s attention recently, it is not a new crisis, but as it deepens so does the need.

Please donate what you can today to help provide vital support to Syrian families.

Our response

Our response is mostly being channelled through the Caritas network. Caritas is a global network of agencies who respond collectively in order to maximise impact. 

We are working with Caritas and other local partners in the five countries to deliver shelter, medicine, food and water to displaced Syrian families. We have worked with over 140,000 displaced Syrians, providing them with vital aid. 

Learn more about our work on the refugee crisis.


We have produced a short information booklet about Trócaire's work in Syria and with Syrian refugees.

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