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The South Kordofan region of Sudan is home to one of the world’s worst forgotten crises.

Despite its low international profile, people here survive in the midst of an appalling conflict that has driven tens of thousands from their homes. 

The conflict in South Kordofan has seen the routine use of aerial assault on civilian communities. People here use fox holes and caves to take shelter as fighter jets roam the skies. 

Trócaire is supporting the delivery of medical supplies and services to the region’s main hospital, which is struggling to cope with the influx of civilian victims. The hospital is the region’s only medical facility and serves 150,000 people.

The hospital staff work in an extremely difficult situation. In May 2014 the hospital came under aerial attack

We are also funding four schools in the region, as well as a teacher’s training institute. 

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Ongoing crisis

The conflict is centred on the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan and is linked to the conflict which ultimately resulted in independence for South Sudan in 2011 after a negotiated peace agreement. South Kordofan is a border region located just north of the border in Sudan. 

The crisis has been heightened by the lack of access into the region for humanitarian agencies. Despite this, life-saving medical supplies are being successfully delivered to the hospital, which is treating victims on a daily basis. 

Trócaire is one of just a handful of international aid organisations delivering vital supplies to people in South Kordofan. 

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