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Justice and Human Rights

Every day ordinary people in the poorest parts of the world are taking a stand against human rights violations and the denial of basic services which many of us take for granted. Sacrificing their own safety, they challenge vested interests, stand up to oppressive governments and sometimes put their lives on the line.

Justice and Human Rights

Photo: Catalina Sanchez Solis, testifies at the 2013 trial of Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt.

How we support justice and human rights

It is the right of all citizens in every country to be able to hold their government to account.

Working with partner organisations, Trócaire supports the work of documenting human rights violations and challenging those responsible, and empowering marginalised people, especially women, to participate in governance processes and demand accountability from their governments.

Justice and human rights impacts 2015/16

Individuals basic rights


actions to demand better education, health, water supply and road infrastructure were supported in Kenya

Competitive terms & conditions


people directly benefited from Trócaire supported governance and human rights programmes in 16 countries in 2015-2016.

Women empowement icon


cases of human rights were resolved in Zimbabwe

Examples of our justice and human rights work in 2015/16

Last year, Trócaire supported governance and human rights programmes in 16 countries reaching 341,000 people. Examples include:

  • In Kenya, Trócaire’s programme supported over 100 actions to demand improved education, health, water supply and road infrastructure.

  • In Zimbabwe, 92% of councillors and 60% of traditional leaders demonstrated high levels of responsiveness to requests from communities where Trócaire works.

  • In Zimbabwe over 60 cases of human rights violations were resolved. 

  • In Honduras, two cases related to forced disappearances and death threats were presented by Trócaire partner organisations to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. 

  • Organisations supported by Trócaire helped make history in Guatemala in January 2016 as two former military officers were found guilty of crimes against humanity committed during Guatemala’s 36 year conflict for brutal crimes of against 15 Mayan Q’echi women.

Updates on our justice and human rights work