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Children like little Domoa (8), are receiving help after the Beirut blast thanks to you.

We Thank You

It is one of the most cherished traditions at Trócaire.

Every year at this time, we give thanks for you. For the caring, compassionate person you are. We reflect on the good you have brought to people caught in some of the most heartbreaking, unjust situations on Earth.

This year, our hearts overflow.

For this year, it has felt that all the world’s suffering landed at once. The deadly blast in Beirut. The COVID-19 pandemic. Locust swarms in Somalia.

Again and again, we turned to you, the people of Ireland. Again and again, the call went out, “Who shall we ask for help?” Again and again, you answered. “Here I am. Choose me.”

And in this year that has brought us to our knees, you are loved today even more than ever. By so many more than you know…

By the seanachaí of Somalia, who feel a profound kinship with you for urgent aid during the pandemic, for helping their storytelling tradition survive…

By Madris in Kenya, who thinks of you to this day, as she gathers eggs from her chickens for market, and knows her children can return to school…

By little Domoa in Beirut, who won’t have to go hungry this winter, and whose nightmares from the apocalyptic blast can ease thanks to trauma support…

… Your love is on the mission of a lifetime, here. And your love is returned back to you – by so many more than you know – a thousandfold.

With your help our staff abroad and at home have also worked with true grace this year in some of the most difficult conditions. But more and more we see the fatigue on their faces.

If you would like to write a message of hope on the form below, we will share your words with the Trócaire staff and partners who work so hard to honour your generosity.

    We have miles to go with this Covid crisis, and for staff to know they are in your hearts – wherever they are in the world – will be a real source of comfort.

    Thank you for being our Trócaire family. Today, and always.

    Now please read on to see some the wonderful people you have helped, and why they’re so grateful for you …

    Joy-Faith (8), and Alex (7), well-fed and smiling with their mother Madris (45), in Kenya. Thanks to your help they have livestock to provide food to eat, and eggs to sell at market.

    Muhammad (58), and Salim (67), wave in thanks and solidarity from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. They recently got their farm back, with the help of Trócaire-funded legal support, following illegal Israeli settlement.

    In Somalia their history lives on in oral tradition through respected elders like Ali – the seanachaí of Somalia. Your love is on the frontlines battling Covid-19 in Trócaire-supported medical centres there.

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