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We need your support this Lent

This year on the Lent Box you will learn about Thandekile and her Family who live in Zimbabwe. Widowed at 31 when Covid claimed the life of her beloved husband, Thandekile was left to raise her son Forward (8) and her daughter Nomatter (11) alone.

This Lent we want to take you and your students on a deeper journey into our Lent story with a suite of bite-size activities developed especially for the post primary audience. With these activities, you will get to the very heart of the issues facing families like Thandekile’s in Zimbabwe and all over the world. Issues such as climate change and food security will be explored in detail and we will show you how you can help give hope for a better tomorrow to people around the world.

We’ve also put together a short video to help tell the story of Lent in a more visual way. Here, you’ll meet Thandekile and her family and find out more about the challenges they face and what your school can do to support them.



Bite-size Activities

This Lent we have put together a fun and engaging programme of weekly bite-size activities to help your students really get to the heart of this year’s Lent story which features a family from Zimbabwe; Thandekile and her wonderfully named children Nomatter and Forward.

You can complete these informative and educational bite-size activities with your class and then then if they wish your students can bring to life what they have learned with our My Trocaire Box activity

AND this year the winning design will win a prize worth €250 euro for their school and there will be runner up prizes too!

TO ENTER THE COMPETITION – send finished designs to [email protected] by the end of April.

Don’t worry we’ll give you guidance and lots of tips and ideas along the way including some fundraising ideas to work on together and help fill those Trócaire boxes.

Watch this space and look out for our weekly emails for links to our activities, fundraising tips and more!

If you’re like to be added to our mailing list or have any questions at all we’d love to hear from you so please email us at [email protected]

Build your own Trócaire Box

Download Here Learn More


For this week’s activity, we want to give your students a better understanding of life in Zimbabwe and the challenges like climate change that families there face.

Click here to download and print the activity where you can read Thandelike’s Story with your students and work through the questions suggested.

In her story, you will see Thandekile talk about something that is very important to her giving. Not only giving food and money but also giving hope. Giving has also become important to Thandekile’s daughter Nomatter, who wants to give help to others in the future and become a nurse.

Along with the story, you can also use the My Trócaire Box activity to help deepen your students understanding of the lessons in this activity. Students can use the GIVE panel of the template to bring to life what they’ve learned – they can draw a picture, create some abstract art or write a short poem about what Thandekile’s story means to them.


Encourage others to GIVE

Why not come together as a class or a school to think about holding a fundraiser. You will see in the Story that Thandekile raised money to help send her children to school by buying and selling clothes in a local market. Why not take inspiration from her and hold a book or toy sale in your school hall.

There are other fundraising ideas on trocaire.org/schools or you can come up with your own plans to encourage people to give.

We’re here to chat through any questions or ideas you have get in touch at [email protected]


The second activity we have prepared for you is GROW with Trócaire. Here you will find exciting practical activities for your students that will really get them thinking about the world around them and their vision for a sustainable future.

Click here to download the activity. Be prepared to get your hands dirty with lots of hands-on ideas from windowsill gardening to setting up your own school garden! The community garden is something that is an important aspect of community life in Thandelike’s village in Zimbabwe and brings people together with a shared purpose.

Again if they want to, your students can use the GROW panel on their My Trócaire Box template where they can let their creativity shine and draw, use words or sketch their ideas for a more sustainable tomorrow.

You can send your finished boxes in to [email protected] to enter our design competition.



If you are thinking of fundraising ideas that would work well with this week’s activity then why not have a seed fair. This is where you ask for donations of seeds and bulbs from the school and local community and sell them for a small donation. Spring is the perfect time to start planting for a colourful summer!

We’re here to answer any questions or discuss your fundraising ideas at [email protected]


This week we want you to MOVE with Trócaire. Movement plays a really important role in the lives of Thandekile and her family, whether it’s the children playing out or doing the two hour round trip to school or their mum riding her bike!

Firstly we have a great new fundraising initiative – Get Moving for Trócaire. Pick a distance as a group and then MOVE however you want to until you reach your target and collect sponsorship along the way! Run, walk, hop or even dance your way to your goal – its up to you. Click here for more info.


Walking Debate

And if that doesn’t get you moving enough, why not have a Walking Debate. Get your students thinking about how they feel about climate change, an issue that has had a huge impact on Thandekile and her family.

How does it work? Ask your students to gather in the middle of the room. Let them know that the right side of the room means ‘agree’ and the left means ‘disagree’.

Ask the group to move around the room to show how they feel about the following statements.

I should help others.

I have a responsibility to help others.

We all have a responsibility to help prevent climate change.

I can help others by taking climate action.

We can help others by reducing waste, recycling and composting.

What we do in Ireland effects other countries around the world.

Ireland has a responsibility to protect our planet from climate change.

We should ask our government to do more to help our planet.

Ask some students at random why they have chosen their response. At the end of the debate thank the class for joining in and explain that the statements are all true.

Your students can keep working on their My Trcaire Box Designs and after this activity they can get creative on the MOVE panel. Click here to download the templates.

As always, if you have any questions at all or want to send in your students designs, please email us at [email protected]


We saved the best to last…this week we want you and your students to PLAY with Trócaire.

We have developed a brand-new board game – Harvest for the Future where your students will learn what life for a small farmer in rural Africa is like.

Growing crops both to eat and sell to make money is vitally important to families like Thandekile’s but the effects of climate change have made this way of life very challenging.

Click here download the board game and the elements you will need to play this educational but fun game with your students.

You can now work with your students to finish their My Trócaire Box designs and complete the PLAY Panel on the box. You can send you finished designs to [email protected] – we can’t wait to see them!


Fundraising – Game Day for Trócaire

Why not hold a game day or afternoon where you ask you students to bring in a donation to play our new game and other games you have in your classroom. You could also perhaps see if students want to run a little tuck shop to raise some more money.

For any support at all or to talk about how to send in any funds you have raised please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your continued support.

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