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We need your support this Lent

On the Trócaire Box this Lent, there are two amazing women from South Sudan – Awut and Ajak, who had to flee brutal conflict in order to save their families but who’s bond and kindness to each other helped them survive against the odds.

This Lent we are inviting you to help us support people like Awut and Ajak by designing your very own Trócaire Box with our My Trócaire Box activity and thinking of ways to fill those boxes. Whether you are in the classroom or home-schooling click below to find out more.

Normally at this time of year we would be going into schools to talk about our Lent campaign and how you can get involved but as that isn’t possible at the moment , we’ve put together this short video. Here, you’ll meet Awut and Ajak and find out more about the challenges they face and you’ll learn more about the work we do and how you can support us.

My Trócaire Box

This Lent we’re asking the students of Ireland to create and build their very own Trócaire Box with our new ‘My Trócaire Box’ activity. You can download and print this template by clicking below and work on it at home or in school.

If you don’t have a printer at home don’t worry, you can copy the design onto some card or paper or simply use blank sheets to bring your creativity to life.

We have put together some fun and engaging weekly activities to explore the themes from this year’s Lent story. You can complete these activities and then bring what you have learned to life on the four panels of the box and we will give you tips and ideas along the way.

Watch this space and teachers look out for our weekly emails with our activities and fundraising tips!

If you have any questions at all or would like some more information please email us at [email protected]

Build your own Trócaire Box

Download Here Learn More

Activity 1: Exploring Kindness

Kindness is a huge part of this year’s Lent story. The activity ‘A Photo Story from South Sudan – Kindness; Surviving and Thriving Together’ explores the importance of Kindness and sharing. To download this free resource follow the link here.

Then you can use Panel One – Kindness of your  ‘My Trócaire Box’ to bring what you’ve learned to life – draw a picture, create some abstract art or write a short poem about what Kindness means to you. Or you can create your own Photo Story featuring your family, classmates and friends

Fundraising tips

What kind deeds can you do for pocket money to help fill your Trócaire box – wash the car, plant some bulbs in the garden or do the dinner dishes all week!

And now you can get Get Moving for Trócaire, visit www.trocaire.org/ways-to-help/fundraise/community-fundraising/get-moving-for-trocaire to raise money with our new fundraising initiative

We’d love to hear from you so please email any designs and fundraising ideas to [email protected]

Activity 2: The Importance of Community

Our community plays an extremely important role in our wellbeing and our rights.  We invite you to work through this case study on South Sudan – The Importance of People and Organisations in our Community. Click here for the resource and go to worksheet 4 on page 21

Then it’s time to get creative – use Panel Two of your  ‘My Trócaire Box’ to draw a map of the institutions in your local community or make a feature of the one that means most to you.

Fundraising tips

What communities do you belong to that could come together virtually to raise much needed funds? You could set a target of keep-ups with your sports club or hold and online concert with your music cub to raise money

If you have any questions or want to share your ideas we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Activity 3: Exploring conflict

South Sudan has been torn apart by war and this year’s Lent story features two families who nearly lost everything to conflict

We have created a short video which deals with this difficult topic (parental guidance advised)


Perhaps through some words or through a drawing on Panel Three of your ‘My Trócaire Box’

Fundraising tips

Awut and Ajak had to walk many miles to get to safety and their journey inspired us to set up Get Moving for Trócaire.

You choose a distance to cover and fundraise along the way! We are lucky to have a little boy of 6, a man of 93 and many others raising money this way!

Thank you for your continued support, if you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Activity 4: Pathways to Peace

Finding ways to cope when conflict has taken nearly everything from you is central to the remarkable story of Awut and Ajak.

Through our fun and educational board game ‘Pathways to Peace’ you will learn about the important components in finding peace and how the support of others can help people rebuild their lives.

And now it’s time to complete the fourth and final panel of your ‘My Trócaire Box’. Why not write a short poem this week and if you are a budding writer you could even enter it into the ‘Trócaire Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition 2021’ click here for more info

Fundraising tips

Don’t worry, even though this is our last weekly activity, there is still plenty of time do some fundraising to fill your boxes. How about making a donation to have a virtual board game day with your class and play your favourite games, from snakes and ladders to connect 4. Be sure to play Pathways to Peace too!

Prizes for your creativity

We hope you have enjoyed the resources and activities this year. We would love to see your designs so we can showcase them on our social media pages and we also have some prizes up for grabs for the most creative designs!  Email [email protected]

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