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This is a great option for groups and communities and is one that is excellent for your fitness and the environment!

Choose a destination country where Trócaire works and use stationary bikes to cycle the distance from where you are to that location! The more people cycling, the sooner you’ll reach your destination!

More and more people are using exercise or stationary bikes to cycle astounding distances for Trócaire. Contact your local gym or bike shop and ask them to support you in your challenge, bring your community together and pedal.

It doesn’t matter how long or how many people it takes to reach your destination, some people take days and others take months. A virtual cycle brings people together, invite your postman to cycle a bit, a local radio DJ and a local Garda! Don’t forget to encourage everyone to donate or get sponsored.

Track your progress by printing off a big map and mark your virtual location at the end of every day, keep us posted and we’ll share your journey on social media!

As you get close to your destination, host an event for the final push. You could host a Tea Time for Trócaire or a Trad Session!

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