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Tax Efficient Giving

If you are a UK taxpayer, find out about Gift Aid.  Gift Aid

Sign Your Tax Form

How Tax Efficient Giving Works

Did you know you can grow your donation by 44.9% simply by signing a form? Once you have donated €250 or more to Trócaire, your donations are tax eligible.

It only take a couple of minutes to complete the form. Only you can set these tax funds free – without your signature the unclaimed money will never get the chance to help.

Tax forms will be mailed to all donors who exceed the threshold of €250 during the years 2016 - 2019. Your form should arrive by early May 2020.

Once signed, the enduring tax relief form lasts for 5 years. This means that you only need to fill out the form once every 5 years, which reduces our admin costs, allowing for greater impact in the work we do with communities in the developing world.

If you signed an enduring form dated 2013 or 2014, it is no longer valid and needs to be renewed. 

Last year your additional tax income meant Trócaire was able to put almost €1.7m into our programmes to help support millions of people to become self-sufficient.

Key Facts


€250 → €362

The extra €112 we receive through tax relief can provide goats to five families in Malawi.

Self help group

€300 → €435

The extra €135 we receive through tax relief can pay for the support of three victims of domestic violence.

Irrigated corn field in Malawi

€500 → €725

The extra €225 we receive through tax relief can provide irrigation to four farming families to ensure their crops have water to grow.

How to return your tax form

Signing and returning your tax form means you can help us do so much more! Your signature alone could increase the generous donations you have already made by 44.9%. 

Once you receive your tax form, please return it in the envelope provided. Alternatively​ you can download a form and return it to the below FREEPOST address. Thank You!

Co. Kildare

It's that simple.   Sign your Tax Form NOW

Have you donated under €250 so far this year?

Donating over €250 allows Trócaire to claim back valuable tax relief on your generous donations, which means you can empower even more people, to create lasting change in their communities.

Grow your donation by 44.9% today, DONATE NOW or call our Donations Team on 01 629 3333.

Thank you so much for the support you have already given

Your donations have made a massive difference to people, not just financially, but emotionally too! You have given strength and hope to so many people in need already.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete your form and you can continue to make a difference that will last a lifetime. Download your Tax Form TODAY

If you have any queries related to tax efficient giving, please get in touch with Louise Walker or our Donor Services team on 01 6293333.

Gift Aid in Northern Ireland

If you are a UK taxpayer you can make your donations to Trócaire go even further – at no extra cost to you - by simply completing a Gift Aid declaration.

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme that allows Trócaire to claim 25p for each £1 donated by individuals who are both UK tax payers and who have completed a Gift Aid Declaration for Trócaire.

How to complete a Gift Aid declaration

  • You can complete a declaration whilst making an online donation by checking the Gift Aid box
  • Alternatively you can FREEPHONE 0800 912 1200 or email [email protected] and a member of our Donor Services Team will be delighted to help you
  • Or if you prefer you can download a Gift Aid Form and return it in the post or even drop in to see us at 50 King Street, Belfast, BT1 6AD

Once you have completed a Gift Aid Declaration, Trócaire will be able to claim 25p for every £1 you have donated in the past 4 years and any future donations until you notify us otherwise.

There is no minimum amount you need to donate - the only requirement is that you are a UK taxpayer.

As a taxpayer, you must pay an amount of income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that Trócaire - and any other charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) you have donated to - reclaims on your donations in that tax year (currently 25p for each £1).

You must pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, other taxes do not apply. If you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that tax year you will be responsible for the difference.

Key Facts

Emily Otieno

£10 → £12.50

£10 donation increases by £2.50 with Gift Aid. Total donation to Trócaire £12.50.

Supporting education in Somalia

£50 → £62.50

£50 donation increases by £12.50 with Gift Aid. Total donation to Trócaire £62.50.

Healthcare workers advise mother at St Mary's Healthcare Clinic in Kalokol

£100 → £125.00

£100 donation increases by £25.00 with Gift Aid. Total donation to Trócaire £125.00.

Higher rate taxpayers in Northern Ireland

Those who pay UK tax at the higher rate can benefit from tax relief by claiming back the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and standard rate of tax at 20%. For example, where you donate £100 to charities and CASCs - Gift Aid is claimed to make your donation £125.

If you pay 40% tax you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%) through your Self Assessment tax return or by contacting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for further information.

If you have any queries related to Gift Aid, please get in touch with our Donor Services Team on 02890 808030.​