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Protecting women and children in Gaza

Women and children are particularly vulnerable in the nightmare that Gaza has become. We need to raise €100,000 to start a targetted project to keep women and children safe.

Women in Palestine

Ola Dweek is a child psychologist in Gaza: "I counsel the children affected by the trauma of war. They have constant nightmares. It's heart-breaking." (Photo: John McColgan)

Provide a vital life-line in Gaza

We need to raise €100,000 to protect women and children in Gaza.

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Key Facts

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Legal support

Your support will provide free legal representation and legal rights training for women in Gaza.

Health & other benefits

Mental health support

Your support will provide counselling and psycho-social care to vulnerable women who have undergone severe trauma.

Individuals basic rights

Emergency helpline

Your support will provide a free-telephone helpline for women and children in Gaza. €2,500 will cover the costs of this helpline for one month.

Urgent need in Gaza

In 2014, entire neighbourhoods in Gaza were destroyed in the third military operation in six years. Almost 2,000 people died in the conflict, including hundreds of children.

100,000 people were left homeless and water and electricity networks remain extensively damaged. Combined with the blockade of Gaza, in place since 2007, there is a widespread humanitarian crisis.

80% of the population of Gaza are dependent on aid. Close to half of all those living in Gaza are children.

As with other conflict situations, it is often women who bear the brunt of the suffering, trying to deal with the impacts on their families while at the same time experiencing deep inner trauma.

This project will support the most vulnerable women and children.

Download our leaflet for more detailed information on this project.

Romero fund

This project is part of our new Romero Fund, which aims to raise €2.1 million to tackle urgent human rights abuses and humanitarian needs in four countries.

Archbishop Oscar Romero became the voice of oppressed people through his powerful work for justice during El Salvador’s civil war. Our work in Central America, and throughout the world, continues to be inspired by his conviction, compassion and solidarity.

Updates from Gaza and the West Bank

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We have been working in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and Israel since 2002. Learn about our ongoing justice, human rights and humanitarian response work.