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Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy gift can have an impact for generations to come. (Photo: Clare McEvoy / Trócaire)

Leaving a gift of any value in your Will can make a real and lasting difference to the people that Trócaire works with for generations to come. 

When making a Will it is important to provide for our loved ones - our family, friends and relatives. It is also a unique chance to provide for those causes closest to our heart and leave a lasting contribution.

Simple bequests of any size by Will are some of the greatest, most everlasting gifts of all. When you set aside a gift of any size in your Will to Trócaire, your good and generous name will never die. 

Every year after your passing, we'll honour your name in gratidude and love at a special Remembrance Mass where all faiths are welcome. We'll also keep your name in our Books of Remembrance. 

Download your simple Legacy Planner or contact Grace Kelly on 01 629 3333 or [email protected] for more information.


The difference your legacy could make:

  • €144/£103: will pay for two children to attend school in Zimbabwe for a year with books and supplies.
  • €252/£181: will provide farmers with improved cassava seeds, a traditional root vegetable, to plant over 100 acres in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • €5,000/£3,587: will support 75 poor farmers in Kenya with two goats each which will provide milk and an important source of income.
  • €10,800/£7,746: will assist in defending human rights in Guatemala where Trócaire has been working to ensure justice for those who have suffered abuse and land-grabbing.
  • €50,000/£35,858: will provide water to 16,000 households with the installation of 20 wells in communities in northern Uganda.


Legacy Month

Special initiatives are run in November each year in the Republic and Northern Ireland offering advice to those who would like to remember Trócaire in their Will:
  • Republic of Ireland: My Legacy Month takes place in November. You can find a local participating solicitor at
  • Northern Ireland: In November, Will Aid solicitors waive their usual fee for drawing up a basic Will in favour of you making a donation to Trócaire. Find out more at

We fully respect that making a Will is a very personal and private matter and as such all enquiries we receive in this regard are treated sensitively and in strictest confidence.

Read more about Trócaire's work and the difference your legacy could make.

Making a Will – where to start

We recommend that you make a Will through a solicitor who can offer invaluable guidance whilst also ensuring that your Will is legally binding. Below are some simple steps which will help guide you through the process.
1. Arrange an appointment with your solicitor.
2. Find out the likely value of your estate.
Most people are surprised when they work out how much the value of all their assets are worth. Your estate is everything you own, excluding any outstanding payments you have to make, for example mortgage repayments. To place a value on your estate you will need to account for all your assets and savings minus your debts.
3. Consider the people and causes you would like to benefit.
Make a list of the people and causes you would like to benefit from your Will and think about who should receive the most significant gifts.
4. Appoint your executors
Executors have the responsibility of administering your estate and of making sure that your wishes are carried out. Executors may include family members, friends or professionals.

Ways of allocating your estate

There are two main ways of making gifts in your estate:
1. PECUNIARY LEGACY: A specific sum of money or item
Pecuniary legacies consist of a specific amount of money or item being left to an individual or organisation.
2. RESIDUARY LEGACY: A share of your total estate
The ‘residue’ is what is left after all other payments and legacies have been met from the estate.

After you have made your Will

Try and keep your Will up to date. It is also a good idea to review your Will every few years as the value of your assets may change over time. Your solicitor will best advise on how to do this.

Ensure your Will is kept safe

It is best to leave your Will in a safe place, such as with your solicitor, and also to keep a copy for yourself. You should also let your executors or immediate family know where they can find it.

Tax implications

Legacies left to charities such as Trócaire are completely tax-free. It is advised that you seek the advice of a professional regarding taxation and your Will.

If you wish to change your Will

If your changes are relatively simple, such as the addition of a charitable gift, you can add a Codicil, which is a legally binding document that details the amendments to your Will. You should contact a solicitor if you wish to add a Codicil to your will. 
Read our legacy planner for more information:
If you would like further information about making a Will and including a gift to Trócaire, please let us know.
  • ROI: Grace Kelly, Trócaire, Freepost NS244, Maynooth, Co Kildare. Email: [email protected]  Phone: +353 (0)1 629 3333
  • NI: Trócaire, Freepost BEL 1230, Belfast, BT1 6BR. Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 28 9080 8030



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