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UK Aid Match

The UK government will double your donation before 16th May, helping thousands of families in South Sudan regain their livelihoods

Displaced from their homes, families in South Sudan, like Awut and Ajak’s, struggle to survive

But you can support them to have access to safe water, grow their own food & become self-sufficient

You can help Awut and Ajak to rebuild their lives by supporting them and families like them to thrive. Together we can strengthen food self-sufficiency for thousands of families in Yirol East, South Sudan and help empower women to improve their social status.

Your support will help enable access to food and water, include measures to empower women, facilitate access to cultivated land, provide suitable crops and sustainable farming practices. This will help to strengthen food self-sufficiency for 3200 people directly and 16,000 people indirectly in South Sudan. You will help to begin to heal the wounds of war for women and girls, and create opportunities that help them break the cycle of poverty.

Trócaire believes local people should be in charge of local solutions. That’s why we work through local organisations and help make them stronger. In South Sudan we work with partners like Caritas and Toch, providing emergency relief, helping farmers increase their production, providing counselling to people affected by gender based violence and working with communities to promote peace and reconciliation.

This Lent your love can make all the difference. Give before 16th May 2021 and your donation will be doubled by the UK government up to £2m. Furthermore, if you sign up for a monthly gift, or increase your monthly gift before the deadline up to three of your instalments will be matched.

These matched funds will help thousands of people in South Sudan to grow enough food to feed their families. It will also support strong women like Awut and Ajah in having their voices heard in decisions affecting them.

Please, if you can, help this Lent

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