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Trócaire East Africa Crisis Appeal (Video transcript)

The worst humanitarian emergency since World War II is being ignored.

Voice of Sean Farrell, Trócaire

As we speak today, 24 million people across four countries that Trócaire work in are going to bed hungry.

We urgently need more funds to get relief to people who need it most.

Voice of Noreen Gumbo, Trócaire

The crisis covers four countries, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.

Up to a quarter of a million people died in Somalia in 2011 because humanitarian aid wasn't delivered in time.

In this situation, we have been able to scale up, as Trócaire and other international agencies with humanitarian aid and we are hopeful that we will be able to contain this crisis.

Voice of Sean Farrell

Over the last number of months we have really seen the pain and suffering of all the communities we work with across East Africa.

Now we need even more funds. We need to provide more food. We need to provide clean water to communities.


Video: East Africa Crisis Appeal