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URGENT: Demand protection for civilians in Gaza

A human tragedy is unfolding in Gaza. We need urgent action to avert further suffering.

Civilians in Gaza are living under constant fear of airstrikes. Essentials such as food, water and power have all been cut off. Humanitarian aid is being restricted from getting in.

This is not good enough. Full access for life saving humanitarian aid is urgently needed.

We need to say clearly that civilians should never be a target. The killings of civilians and hostage taking by Hamas must be condemned outright, intentionally targeting civilians is a war crime. Israel must also ensure full respect for international law in all military operations. Collective punishment is a war crime.

It’s alarming that the UK government is not calling more clearly for the protection of civilians and humanitarian access to Gaza.

But together we can help change that. Take action now to call on the UK government to take greater action.

It is time for global leaders to unite around the principle of protecting civilians, ensuring humanitarian aid to those in need, and in support of concrete measures to stop the cycles of violence that have killed too many already. We need to address the root causes of injustice if we are to build a lasting peace in the region. We need political action.

Please, take action now. Simply fill in your details and press send. The pre-written email below will be sent to the UK Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron.

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