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URGENT: Take action to protect People and Planet

Sham Palm Industries Ltd is digging up St. Stephen’s Green??

Ok, of course there’s no palm oil plantation planned for Saint Stephen’s Green! That’d be absurd. But the reality is even more absurd…

Palm oil is in so many of our everyday products – including breakfast cereals, cosmetics, even shampoo. Yet in countries like Honduras and Guatemala, entire communities are being forced off their land to meet this global demand for palm oil. Palm oil plantations are also leading to huge environmental damage in many countries around the world, including deforestation and species loss.

Human rights and environmental defenders who resist palm oil are being imprisoned, beaten, even killed.

But together we can change this.

Right now, the EU is drafting new human rights and sustainability rules for corporations and there’s only a few weeks left before all Irish MEPs will vote on this in the European Parliament. These rules could help stop corporate abuses of human rights and the environment, like those connected to palm oil.

Without urgent public pressure though, these rules are in danger of being watered down… and we are running out of time to have our voices heard.

Take action now by emailing your MEPs asking them to ensure these rules are strong enough to protect people and planet.

Just select your constituency, fill in your details and press send. The pre-written email below will be sent to your MEPs.

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