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Join the rescue. Stop corporate abuse.

A draft EU law to protect human rights and the environment from abuse by big business is being watered down. Together let’s rescue the law and hold big business accountable.

Sweatshops, deforestation, child labour. Right now the EU is negotiating a law to stop these and other corporate abuses across the globe. But it’s being watered down. As it stands, the draft law lets some of the worst corporate offenders ‘off the hook’ for the harms they cause. 

The current draft shields companies producing pesticides, weapons and surveillance technology from scrutiny. 

Together we need to rescue this law before it’s too late.

MEPs are currently debating the draft law, but time is tight.

Take action now by emailing your MEPs asking them to ensure the law is strengthened in order to protect people and planet.  

Just select your constituency, fill in your details and press send. The pre-written email below will be sent to your MEPs.

Trócaire is a member of the Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights. For more information on the coalition, and to read case-studies of Irish companies complicit in human rights abuses, click here


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