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Trócaire responding to Covid-19

María Teresa Osorio from Trócaire partner ADIVIMA provides food and hygiene supplies to Natividad Xitumul, survivor of the Chixoy massacre in Guatemala.

Covid-19 threatens the world’s most vulnerable people. In refugee camps and crowded urban slums, people can’t social distance and do not have access to medical facilities.

They are also threatened by a second pandemic: increased poverty and hunger as a result of this crisis.

Your support is allowing us to limit the spread of the virus in places lacking the health systems to cope with outbreaks. It is also providing emergency aid to people affected.




Covid-19 is a potentially deadly virus spreading around the world. It presents an immediate health risk to us all.

But its risks run deeper, particularly for people already struggling in the face of poverty and oppression.

For people already struggling for survival, economic lockdowns and travel restrictions can cut off their only sources of income.

Covid restrictions have also left many women at increased risk of violence, while some repressive governments are using the pandemic to further clamp down on human rights.


Trócaire is responding to the Covid crisis in all the countries where we work.

Our response ranges from supporting public health messaging and improving hand-washing facilities, to supporting people in quarantine and providing medical expertise.

Many of the communities we support lack access to basic healthcare. They do not have ventilators or ICU beds. Working with our partners, we are helping to reduce the spread of the virus to help keep people safe.

Covid-19 is present in all the countries where we work. The number of infections is particularly high in Central America. There are also significant outbreaks in countries such as Somalia, Lebanon and Ethiopia.

We help to protect people from Covid-19 by:

  • Funding public health messaging that tells people of the importance of hand-washing and keeping social distance.
  • Providing soap, water and hand-washing
  • Medical isolation facilities for people reporting symptoms of the virus.
  • Food and other daily needs for people living in quarantine.
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medics.
  • Remote psycho-social support over the phone to people affected by gender-based violence.
  • Remote support and advocacy to support human rights defenders at risk during lockdown.
  • Campaigning and awareness raising in Ireland & UK to ‘Build Back Better’ after the pandemic.



Our isolation facilities are supporting people experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. We are also disseminating information on the virus at community-level.

Sierra Leone

We are supporting quarantine facilities, providing running water, power, hygienic products and food. We are also funding public awareness messages on radio and hand-washing facilities.


Supporting public health sessions in Beqaa and Shatila camps, as well as soap and emergency vouchers to refugee families.


Distributing face masks, soap and hand sanitiser, providing personal protective equipment, establishing a COVID-19 helpline to provide psychosocial support and psychological first aid.

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