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Trócaire’s Primary Development Education programme offers an active and creative educational process to increase children’s awareness and understanding of the world they live in.

It challenges perceptions and stereotypes by encouraging optimism, participation and action for a just world.

You can find our latest resources for use in Senior Primary/Key Stage 2 classes here.

We offer interactive workshop sessions for BEd, PME and PGCEstudents and others in Universities and colleges. We also visit individual schools and offer CPD sessions for primary teachers.

We also deliver a creative and engaging games based learning programme called Game Changers. To find out more, please visit the Game Changers tab above.

Please visit The Tree of Water Justice, our latest education resource for junior primary and senior primary, where you will find interactive and engaging activities that explore water justice in Malawi and Palestine.

Contact Details

Niall Quillinan ROI

Primary Development Education officer

Laura Rio Fernandez NI

Development Education Officer NI

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