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October 2018 Newsletter

Here's the latest updates from Trócaire for October. Our monthly newsletter features news and views from Trócaire staff, volunteers and supporters around the world. Plus the latest social and political developments from the countries where we work.

Standing with survivors of violence in Gaza

 "I counsel the children affected by the trauma of war. They have constant nightmares. They are bed wetting. They have completely changed. It's heart-breaking." (Photo: John McColgan)

Eyewitness account from Trócaire staff visiting Palestine

"On a recent visit to Gaza, I was confronted with the reality of people’s lives in this beleaguered part of the world. This is a reality of trauma, violence and oppression".

"While there I met people who have lived under occupation all of their lives, people who have lived through wars that have torn their families, communities and land apart".

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Your support is reaching Indonesia

 Caritas Internationalis.

Over 1,400 people have been killed by a devastating tsunami in Indonesia.

“People are in urgent need of food, clean water, shelter and medical support,” said Noreen Gumbo, Trócaire Head of Humanitarian Programmes. 

“Unfortunately, it looks highly likely that the number of deaths will continue to rise further as the terrible impact of the devastation is realised. Our partners are working hard to provide support in areas that have been most difficult to reach.”

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Women parliamentarians from across the world gather in Dublin

 Garry Walsh

Delegates from Myanmar and Pakistan attend 
Hundreds of women parliamentarians gathered in Dublin Castle for the first ever International Congress of Women’s Caucuses. Delegates discussed how to increase women’s participation in politics around the world.

Shaista, an MP who attended from Pakistan says that the message she will bring back from the congress in Dublin is that 'we should get united with one voice. If you feel you are right, stick to it, fight for it and don't rest until you get it'.

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In the news this month:

Global : The Nobel prize committee has to stop overlooking the human rights defenders who risk their lives every day [The Independent UK, 30th Sept]

Yemen : The UN warns that Yemen is facing the imminent threat of a “widespread famine” [Trócaire, 24th Sept]

Nicaragua crisis : The people caught in the middle [BBC, 15th Sept]

Syria : Ireland should push for peace as Idlib air strikes begin [Trócaire, 5th Sept]

Myanmar: Grim future facing Rohingya one year after attacks [Guardian, 25th Aug]

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