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March 2019 Newsletter

Here's the latest monthly update from Trócaire. Our newsletter features news and views from Trócaire staff, volunteers and supporters around the world. Plus the latest social and political developments from the countries where we work.

'Making a Killing' report launched

Trócaire launches Lent campaign with new report on global land grab

Launching our 2019 Lenten Appeal, Trócaire CEO Caoimhe de Barra warned that the corporate race for natural resources has put millions of people around the world at risk of exploitation and abuse.

The Lent Appeal was launched with the release of a policy report - ‘Making a Killing: Holding Corporations to Account for Land and Human Rights Violations’. 

The past two decades have seen a global rush for natural resources. This race for natural resources in the developing world has led to land six times the size of Ireland being sold to corporations since 2000. 

Ireland needs to take action to support stronger regulation of global business. Ireland should support a legally binding UN treaty to protect people in the developing world from human rights violations.

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Colm O'Regan launches new Podcast

To mark international women's day, Colm O'Regan launched the first episode of a new monthly podcast. 

‘The World Etc.’ is a collaboration between comedian Colm O’Regan and Trócaire. Each month Colm will speak with experts about global issues.

The first episode looks at women's leadership and features: 

  • Irish Times Political Reporter Jennifer Bray 
  • Dublin Ladies GAA star Lyndsey Davey
  • Trócaire CEO Caoimhe de Barra 

Tune in and subscribe using iTunes, aCast, Spotify, or your usual podcast app. 

You can also listen online here

Short new video released to mark international women's day

We asked people on the streets what they thought of women's leadership

Who do you think of when you think of women leaders? Mary Robinson? Angela Merkel? Rosa Parks? Princess Leia?

We got some interesting responses from people on the streets of Dublin when we asked them about women's leadership.

According to the people we spoke to, women face challenges to become leaders such as the ‘male domination of politics’ and what one person refers to as ‘the boy’s club’.  Another interviewee says that ‘people will say things that they don’t even realise is quite sexist or quite demeaning to women’. 

When thinking of hopes for the future, one woman says ‘we make up half the population, we should be equally represented’. Some men interviewed speak up strongly for equality with one man saying ‘you’d be stupid not to call yourself a feminist’ and another saying ‘everyone wins when we make a step towards greater representation and equality’.

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