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Your support is reaching Cyclone Idai victims

Cyclone Idai has caused unprecedented devastation in southern Africa. The flooding and damage has destroyed homes and infrastructure, displaced thousands of people and the humanitarian needs are enormous.

We have teams on the ground and are working through partners in Zimbabwe and Malawi and Mozambique. We are responding to humanitarian needs, including providing food and ensuring safe water and sanitation.


Mozambique has shouldered the brunt of the damage. In particular, the coastal village of Beira has been largely destroyed. The town of half a million inhabitants is now 90% under water. The death toll has risen to over 500.

A new deadly threat for the already vulnerable people is cholera with 500 cases reported in Beira. This water borne disease along with malaria could cause further havoc on the region.

Many areas are still without electricity. Due to limited communication and the destruction of transportation infrastructure, it is difficult for humanitarian teams to reach the survivors. The scale of this catastrophe is still a challenge to accurately estimate.

Trócaire is working with Caritas Mozambique in Beira providing shelter for over 1,500 families. There is a lack of food, water, and shelter. Our priority is to save lives, shelter the survivors, and prepare for long term support. There is an urgent need of food, water, sanitation facilities, shelters, and seeds to replant all the crops that have been washed away.

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The official death toll has risen to 187 but there are several hundred people unaccounted for, with search and rescue operations underway in Chimanimani, south eastern Zimbabwe.

As areas previously cut-off have become reachable the full extent of the damage and destruction will be seen. At least 35,000 families in the areas Trócaire works are in urgent need of support. With over 5,000 people left without a home and in need of basic supports like clean water and shelter.

Our team in Zimbabwe is mobilizing and working with local partner Caritas Mutare providing assistance in communities most affected in Chimanimani. We are responding to the most basic needs with items such as buckets, soap, towels and blankets.

More than 3,000 people will be reached by our humanitarian response.


In the Southern region of Malawi, 868,900 people are reported to be affected by the cyclone, 86,980 people have been displaced and living in camps, schools and churches. 59 deaths have been recorded.

In the Zomba region, Trócaire and its partner CADECOM are supporting the setup of shelter in displacement camps. These camps were established pre-cyclone in response to widespread flooding which has now been severely exacerbated by the cyclone.  Trócaire is already implementing an emergency response focused on water and sanitation and protection for the most vulnerable.

Our response will support over 5,000 people.

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