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Women creating a more peaceful society in Myanmar with funding from UNOPS

Trócaire and KWAT are providing gender awareness training to the community in Kachin State

Hpau Jung Yun Htang and Trócaire’s M&E Officer Sin War Naw at the Je Len Yang village Church, 2022. Photo: KWAT Hpau Jung Yun Htang and Trócaire’s M&E Officer Sin War Naw at the Je Len Yang village Church, 2022. Photo: KWAT

In Kachin State, in northern Myanmar, women are creating a more peaceful and gender equitable community with thanks to funding from the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

In 2022, Trócaire partner KWAT conducted and delivered 24 trainings on Gender Awareness Training to 136 participants (104 female and 32 male) in the Momauk and Mansi areas.

Hpaujung Yung Htang from Je Leng Yang, works as a community facilitator and attended the training. She said the training has led to more awareness in her community about gender-based violence.

“After the training, I became more aware of gender equality. I implemented what I learned with my own husband and children and it has helped to build a good relationship with my partner and has reduced our family problems,” Hpaujung said.

“As a result of the training in our village, participants are now valuing themselves and their thinking has changed, especially around gender-based violence.”

Hpaujung added that she and other participants now want to share their knowledge with other communities.

“Participants have more confidence to share knowledge as they have gained trust from the community regarding women’s activity. Women can now give advice if a community discloses a case of gender-based violence or any related issues.”

Mother-of-five, Dinging Htu Seng (38), from Seng Mai Pa village also participated in the gender awareness training.

“After the training, I was able to reduce violence with my husband because I could make him aware about gender equality. I also realised I was teaching my children wrong, as previously we used to shout when discipling the children, now I know this can be seen as violence. Now, I teach my children the right way.”

Dinging said that following the training, she is less stressed and has learned a new skill of how to make liquid soap. She added that since the awareness training, domestic violence rates have fallen in her community.

“I hope I can continue to spread the awareness to more and more communities,” Dinging added.

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