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Water refunds can deliver clean water in Zimbabwe

Did you know that one billion people around the world do not have access to clean water? That’s the equivalent of one in every eight people in the world. 

Trócaire is delivering clean and safe water to thousands of families in some of the poorest places in the world. If you are in line for a water charge refund, you could put that money to use by helping us to deliver clean water to people in southern Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Water Fund

Our project in a drought-stricken area of southern Zimbabwe is looking to bring clean water to 1500 families who currently do not have access to safe water.

Trócaire wants to construct boreholes, dams and irrigation systems that will transform life in one of the poorest areas of Zimbabwe; an area where people currently experience widespread hunger due to the absence of water. 

Currently, most families can only produce enough food for their families for 7 months of the year – the remaining 5 months are known as the ‘hungry months’. 

The impact of these months means families go hungry every day with children dropping out of school due to malnutrition.

Rural women are particularly affected as they are responsible for around 80% of agricultural production on their homesteads.

With your support, we can change this.

The total cost of changing the lives of 1500 families in southern Zimbabwe is €160,000.

Over €173m is due to be refunded to Irish households over the coming months. A tiny fraction of that could bring clean water to the people we work with in southern Zimbabwe.

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How clean water changes lives

In a village in southern Malawi, Mary Belo speaks about the difference a Trócaire water pump has made to her and her family. 

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Mary Belo (left) and her friend Emily Nota on their drought-affected land in southern Malawi.

With Malawi suffering worsening droughts, the lack of water in her village was having a devastating impact. People couldn’t grow crops and didn’t have enough food. 

Hunger was a daily reality.

People in the village walked for miles to the closest river. They would often get sick from drinking dirty water. 

Trócaire has installed a water pump into Mary’s village. The pump means that the people there have access to clean drinking water all year round. 

The pump is a lifeline. Even during times of drought, they can carry water from the pump to near-by fields, allowing crops to grow. 

“The water pump has really changed our lives,” says Mary. “Before it was installed we had to get all our water from the local river and there were lots of diseases but now we have clean water in the village. It has made a really big difference for us.”

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