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Trócaire providing emergency response to thousands in Kachin, Myanmar, thanks to a European Union flexible emergency response fund.

Hundreds of families in Kachin, Myanmar, have had their lives positively impacted this year by Trócaire and partners thanks to a European Union flexible emergency response fund.

A women headed shelter damaged by land sliding in Chi Pwi Township. A women headed shelter damaged by land sliding in Chi Pwi Township.

Almost 13,000 people who were affected by landslides, floods, fire and conflict in the remote and isolated townships benefitted from the European Union funded action with emergency response led by Trócaire working with partners Community Action for Development (CHAD), Dai Fin Social Services (DFSS and Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS).

Trócaire and partners established early warning and monitoring systems for emergency preparedness, recruiting and training focal points in 16 townships. They also provided training to 13 Village Emergency Response Groups, and six Parish Emergency Relief Teams in nine townships in Kachin state and one township in Sagaing region.

In total, Trócaire and partners responded to 11 local crises, including displacements due to armed conflict and natural hazards. Almost 4,500 people received food and shelter as well as hygiene, dignity and household kits.

KMSS, with technical support from Trócaire, provided protection assistance to women, girls and other vulnerable people affected by conflict. Gender-based violence (GBV) support, including community-based psychosocial sessions, were also provided.

Last year, Trócaire reached almost 120,000 people in need in Myanmar, the majority living in camps and marginalised communities. Working with partners, Trócaire distributed food and helped communities recover from conflict and rebuild their lives. The agency also supported women to be free from violence and to have a voice and become leaders in their communities.

Family affected by landslide

The first emergency assistance distribution under the European Union funded action was in May to help a family of four, all females, who had to leave their shelter when it was seriously damaged due to heavy rain and a landslide in Chi Pwi Township. Luckily no one was injured during the incidents The Dai Fin Social Services supported the family with basic food items, hygiene kits and a shelter kit.

DFSS-FLER staff; project field coordinator (left side) supporting emergencyassistances to land sliding affected family (Single mother Bawm Myaw). She has three daughters.

Household affected by fire

Trócaire was able to support an elderly man and woman whose shelter caught fire and burned in Zaung Naung village, Chi Pwi Township, in June 2022. The couple stayed in a neighbour’s house on a temporary basis and were supported by Dai Fin Social Services with basic food items, hygiene, dignity and household kits.

DFSS-FLER’s Chi Pwi Township focal U Yaw Na (the one who grab green bag) trip in boat to fire case family for emergency response. This fire case affected family live another side of May Hka river, Chi Pwi Township.

DFSS-FLER could filled the current humanitarian needs. DFSS’s focal U Yaw Na (right side) distributing emergency assistances to crisis affected family called Mr. Pa Chaw Hkawng Ze and Mrs. Gyung Nan.

Focal U Yaw Na (right side) explaining what the including items in the package are.

Distribution to Armed conflict IDP

Conflict resulted in four families from Ye Oo and Khine Oo villages in Sagaing district fleeing their homes during fighting between armed groups, which resulted in shelters being burned down. The households moved to Waimaw Town, where they were supported with basic food items, household and hygiene kits.

Supporting basic food and NFIs to conflict affected family called Mrs. Hawng Nyoi with his husband and four childs moved from Phakant Township. (Project staff white mask wearing supporting assistance items to beneficiary)

Solar lamp installation

Under the European Union funded action 16 solar lamps were installed in Ding Jang-1 and Ding Jang-2 internally displaced camps .The solar lamps automatically power on when it gets dark. The camp residents say the solar lamps have been very welcomed.

A group of residents from Ding Jang temporary IDP camp 1. (Camp Focal Mr. Lum Hkaung holding solar lamp leading for solar lamp installation)

Solar lamp installation in Ding Jang camp 2. Camp committee member Mr. La Lay (wearing grey color shirt) setting solar lamp with some member of camp

Solar lamp distribution at Ding Jang IDPs camp-2. DFSS-FLER project officer (left) delivering to camp committee member Mr. La Lay (right)

Solar installation with FLER team (Project manager, Project officer, project field assistant) & camp committee/ residents at the camp’s dumping area there the light absolutely needed.





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