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Trócaire deploys first four EU Aid volunteers

Trócaire recently deployed 4 EU Aid volunteers to its country offices as part of the REACH initiative, co-funded by the European Union.

Trócaire leads a consortium of ten members, across Europe, Africa and Latin America, along with our partner, Caritas Austria.

Before being deployed, the four volunteers spent six weeks carrying out an apprenticeship with Trócaire in Maynooth, Ireland. Over the course of the six weeks, the volunteers participated in a number of interactive workshops, training, projects and presentations related both to Trócaire’s humanitarian programmes and the wider work of the organisation.

The aim of the apprenticeship was both to increase the volunteer’s understanding of Trócaire’s work both in Ireland and overseas, and facilitate learning and sharing in order to fully equip and prepare for their 15 month deployments.

The volunteers have given positive feedback on the apprenticeship. One volunteer said that it was “a stimulating experience, with lots of incentive for growth” and another saying that it “helped me in understanding the core principles of humanitarian action, which is essential to work for an organisation like Trócaire“.

All four are currently being deployed to Honduras, Guatemala, Sierra Leone and Rwanda. While based in Trócaire’s country offices overseas, the volunteers will work both with Trócaire staff and partner staff on a number of capacity building activities and initiatives in humanitarian programmes, including Communication, Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Protection Mainstreaming.

Three further volunteers will arrive in Maynooth in late August to complete a second apprenticeship, before being deployed to Honduras and Sierra Leone in October to work on Resilience, Regional Communications and Protection Mainstreaming.

Trócaire wishes all volunteers the very best in their work with our country offices and partners!

If you would like any information on the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, please contact Fionnuala Flynn at [email protected]

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