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Trócaire CEO honoured at Irish Women’s Awards

Caoimhe won the Services to Charity Award at the annual awards ceremony. The event celebrates the achievements of women entrepreneurs, business women, professionals, civil servants, charity workers and others that make Ireland a great and more equal place to live and work.

“It is a huge honour to receive this award,” said Caoimhe. “It is recognition of the incredible work done by women in the communities we work in around the world. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty and injustice so supporting women leaders in communities is central to Trócaire’s work.

“Around the world, women face huge risks in standing up for their rights and having their voices heard. I am accepting this award on behalf of the incredible women Trócaire works with.”

Last year, Trócaire supported 272,000 people through our Women’s Empowerment programme. Trócaire works in 13 countries to protect women from violence and encourage women to take on leadership positions within communities.

With support from donations from the public in Ireland, 112,000 people were supported through our work building women’s involvement in decision-making, while a further 160,000 people were supported through our work reducing gender-based violence.

Irfan Younis, CEO of Creative Oceanic, the company behind the awards, said: “Congratulations to all winners and finalists at the 2nd Irish Women’s Awards 2020. We were delighted to host exceptional finalists who make brilliant role models and are leading a new generation of women and girls to greater success and more open doors. We look forward to growing this campaign and are excited to see it how it evolves over coming years.”

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