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Trócaire calls for an end to ‘the human tragedy of Zimbabwe’

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Amid uncertain political developments, people in Zimbabwe are hopeful that necessary reforms will bring an end to the day to day struggles that people have increasingly faced as resources have been squandered and governance has failed. 

The majority of the population has only ever known one President and they want change. The last number of decades have seen Zimbabwe lurch from crisis to crisis. The unemployment rate is enormous, poverty is widespread and there is an absence of basic human rights. Zimbabwe’s descent from breadbasket to basket-case has been a human tragedy. 

Whatever change emerges from the current process, the priority has to be on improving human rights and lifting millions of people out of extreme poverty. Ordinary people in Zimbabwe have paid a heavy price for weak governance going back decades. People now are hopeful that with change there will come economic reforms and human rights reforms that will lead to a brighter future. That hope must be turned into reality.

Trócaire has been working in Zimbabwe for over thirty years. Much of our work in the country is focused on defending people’s human rights. We are deeply committed to the people of Zimbabwe and whatever emerges over the coming weeks, we will continue to stand by them.

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