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Trad for Trócaire hits Malawi

The Fáilte Band took Trad for Trócaire to the students of the Zuze Primary School in Dedza, Malawi this week.
Zuze is one of six villages in this area benefiting directly from the money raised during Trócaire’s Lenten campaign last year. 
Since last October, four boreholes have been drilled providing 1250 people with access to water. Additionally, trees have been planted on the river banks to protect against erosion and to improve water retention. Over the coming months, the communities will help construct weirs and canals to enable access to water for irrigating their crops during the upcoming dry season. 
2000 goats and 3000 chickens have been distributed, and training has been completed on how to breed, house, and care for the animals so that thousands more families can benefit from them in future. 
A variety of seeds have been distributed to thousands of families so that the upcoming harvest will see an increase in food production, reducing the risk of food and income insecurity. 
Clean cookstoves have also been distributed to help families reduce the amount of firewood needed which lessens the burden for women, as well as protecting the environment. 
The band were delighted to see the difference your support is making. 
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