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To Toubkal for Trócaire

Most people won’t have heard of Mount Toubkal in Morocco, the highest peak in northern Africa. Rising above the Atlas Mountains with a peak of 4,167m above sea level, it’s four times higher than our own Carrantuohill.

Experienced mountaineer Anthony Whelan from Kilmanham set his sights on reaching its peak earlier this year. The challenging climb involved a seven day uphill trek with four days of gruelling climbing. And to mark his African ascent he raised €1,000 for Trócaire.

Anthony reached the summit of Toubkal on day four and undertook a second, more technical climb to two neighbouring peaks the following day. Then it was back down to sea level.

“The climb was very arduous and hard on the feet but the views, scenery and wildlife were spectacular,” he said.

A huge thanks to Anthony and everyone who supported his climb.   

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