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Three major governance awards for Trócaire

We won Best Annual Report (Large Charity) at the Chartered Accountants of Ireland Published Accounts Awards. This prestigious award celebrates the highest standards in financial reporting and transparency in the private and NGO sectors. 

The following week our Annual Report was again selected as the best in the sector among large charities, this time at the Carmichael Good Governance Awards. 

Trócaire was also named as the winner of the Governance Initiative Award at the Good Governance Awards. This award was won for an initiative aimed at outlining and strengthening our risk management processes. 

“We are delighted to have won three important governance awards,” said Trócaire’s Caoimhe de Barra. “Strong governance and transparency are vital to our sector. Supporters and donors need to know how their funds are being spent, what sort of impact they are having and what governance structures are in place to ensure funds are used to their best effect. These are areas we place a huge amount of importance on so we are very pleased to see our efforts recognised by winning these three awards.

“The Annual Report is an important way for organisations to communicate who they are, how they raise money, how they spend money and how they are governed. It is vital that this information is readily available to supporters and donors. We are committed to best practice governance and transparency and will continue to look for ways to strengthen this.”

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