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The World Etc – Podcast Episode Two

Following the launch of our new podcast last month, Colm O’Regan and Trócaire bring you the second episode of a new monthly podcast where we look at two countries – Guatemala and Syria – with two very special guests.

‘The World Etc.’ is a collaboration between comedian Colm O’Regan and Trócaire. Each month Colm will speak with experts about global issues.

The second episode touches on a number of issues, featuring interviews with:

  • RTÉ broadcaster John Creedon 
  • Syrian-Irish journalist Razan Ibraheem 

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Syrian-Irish journalist Razan Ibraheem, who works with Storful, in studio with Colm O’Regan. Photo: Ciarán Gallagher.

A veteran broadcaster, well known for his travel programmes around Ireland, John Creedon recently travelled to Guatemala to see first-hand the battle for land rights affecting indigenous Mayan communities who live under the threat of eviction from their ancestral homelands by large corporations and big business.

John tells Colm how he encountered people who lost family members and loved ones during a 36-year conflict that saw up to 200,000 people killed and 45,000 ‘disappeared’. War criminals and alleged perpetrators of such crimes could soon be free from facing justice if a proposed ‘amnesty’ is passed.

Razan Ibraheem left Syria in 2011, just a few months after the ongoing conflict began and she speaks on the World Etc about her life in Ireland, which has become her second home, working as a journalist with Storyful. 

With the war now into its ninth year, Razan says there will be no end or peace without real political change, while she believes the EU and the UN must play more proactive roles in bringing an end to the conflict.

‘The World Etc.’ can be accessed on a variety of podcast services, including iTunes, Spotify, Acast, RadioPublic and Audioboom.

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