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Climate change

The World Etc – Podcast Episode Five

‘The World Etc.’ is a collaboration between comedian Colm O’Regan and Trócaire. Each month Colm will speak with different guests about global issues. This month, Colm is joined in studio by 2fm broadcaster Keith Walsh, who recently visited a number of Trócaire-funded projects in Malawi.

During their discussion, Colm and Keith chat about:

  • The impact of Cyclone Idai, which hit in early March and affected over 850,000 people in Malawi. 59 deaths and 672 injuries were recorded, while nearly 87,000 people here had to leave their homes. Keith explains how the rural communities he visited are rebuilding their lives.
  • Tangible efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – an historic plan to end global poverty by 2030 and to protect the planet. Four of the SDGs link into projects Keith visited in Malawi – zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, gender based violence and action on climate change – and Keith discusses how young people are fighting for gender equality.
  • Climate Strikes and raising awareness of climate change issues. Over 10,000 people again took to the streets in Dublin last month, while tens of thousands participating nationwide and millions marching worldwide, but these mass protests have attracted both praise and criticism, particularly on social media.

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Colm O Regan and Keith Walsh in studio. Photo Ciarán Gallagher / Trócaire

“You come back and try and tell people: this climate change thing is real You can be one more voice,” said Keith on his motivation for travelling to Malawi. “I went over there as a factfinder to come back and say, ‘this is definitely happening!’

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