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Take action to empower isolated communities this Lent

This Lent we’re celebrating communities in India who have come together to demand their rights and create a better future for themselves.

And we’re asking our supporters to take action so that others may have the same opportunities to work their way out of poverty and isolation.

A great example of an empowered community is the village of Kudaljod, in Eastern India.

This community of 40 families was isolated and unaware of its rights.  With the help of Trócaire and our partners, people were trained and informed about what they were entitled to.

Since 2006, they have secured titles to their land, they have lobbied their local government to help them build a road to connect them to the nearest village and to provide them with better infrastructure and electricity.  Next on their list is a school!

Take action to empower isolated communities this Lent
Caption: Top: Kinda Pangi, 16,in Kudaljodi, Odisha, India. Bottom: Trócaire team holding campaign poster.

But for other communities, demanding their rights can be dangerous. In many of the countries where Trócaire works, individuals and communities who speak up for their rights can face intimidation, criminalisation and even assassination.

With a few simple clicks, YOU can ask your local politician to make a representation on your behalf to the Irish or UK government, asking them to take the lead in the countries where they work, to guarantee safe spaces for community organisations, leaders and local people to advocate for their rights.

Please take our Power Up e-action and demand support for those who face threats and intimidation when demanding their rights. 

We know that when communities around the world can safely access their rights, real and lasting change can happen. 

Real power lies within. Within communities, within individuals, within you!

Watch our Power Up campaign video to find out more

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