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Senseless killing of 26 year old humanitarian worker in Syria

Trócaire condemns the killing of a young humanitarian worker, Malak Khoubia (26), in Damascus, Syria, as fears grow of another ‘Aleppo’.

Malak Khoubia at work in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, Syria

Malak Khoubia teaching women in a leadership training in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus

Malak Khoubia (26) was working for one of Trócaire’s partner organisations, ‘Women Now for Development’, in the besieged suburb of Eastern Ghouta when she was killed in an airstrike this week. Her husband was seriously injured in the attack and remains in intensive care.

“This is another senseless loss of life in a conflict that continues to claim hundreds of thousands of innocent lives,” said Éamonn Meehan, Executive Director of Trócaire.

“This courageous young woman was working to help those caught up in the violence and she has paid the ultimate price. Eastern Ghouta was one of the areas that was identified in a ceasefire deal in May between various governments and factions involved in the fighting but despite this we see hostilities continue.

Trócaire is again calling on all sides in this conflict to cease hostilities and to ensure the safety of civilians and humanitarian workers in Syria.” 

Women Now

“Women Now for Development has been a partner organisation of Trocaire’s for the past year with a particular focus on supporting women during this crisis. The Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta has been under siege by Syrian government armed forces for more than four years and Women Now runs three women’s centres there,” said Eamonn Meehan.
“We are speaking to Women Now to ascertain what support Trócaire can offer at this terrible time. This unfortunately is the third staff member of Trócaire partners that has been killed by airstrikes or mortar attacks in Aleppo and Damascus in the past four years.

Until the world wakes up and starts to listen, the human suffering will continue and more innocent people will be killed,” said Eamonn Meehan.
Dr. Maria Alabdeh is the CEO of ‘Women Now for Development’. “The whole team is in shock at what has happened and they are living in fear of what may happen next and what the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies may do. The last thing we want is for Eastern Ghouta to become another Aleppo. The forced displacement needs to stop and ceasefires need to be respected in order for the killing to stop.”

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