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Self-help group in Honduras supports women experiencing domestic abuse

The story of Y.Y.A.A., a 29 year old Honduran woman, who received support from Trócaire partner Alternativas y Oportunidades to reclaim her independence and self-esteem after years of verbal and physical abuse. 

YYAA in Honduras

“I am determined to move forward with my daughters and I won’t ever allow anyone to cause us harm again.” – Y.Y.A.A, Honduras

Y.Y.A.A., a 29 year old Honduran woman remembers her childhood as happy, with parents who treated her well and who always took an interest in her education. After attending primary school, she continued her education in her community’s secondary school. 

In her third year of secondary school, she met her partner, with whom she now has two children, girls aged 9 and 12. 

She explains that the relationship was great in the beginning, however after two years of living together, serious problems surfaced. 

She experienced verbal and psychological abuse from her partner. 

This led her to separate from him on numerous occasions and return home to her parents’ house with her daughters. 

However, her partner would quickly convince her to return to him, which she always did. 

Y.Y.A.A. shares how, during that time, she discovered that he had another partner, with whom he had two children.

As time went by, the abuse toward Y.Y.A.A. by her partner, escalated to physical violence, especially when she complained about his infidelity. 

Sadly, the abuse took place in front of her daughters, who would cry and beg their father to stop abusing their mother. 

In the last two years of her relationship with her partner, she began participating in training run by Alternativas y Oportunidades (Alternatives and Opportunities), specifically in their self-help groups.  

candida maradiaga delivering training

Cándida Maradiaga from Alternativas y Oportunidades, delivering a training session on self-esteem to the self-help group of the Community La Cuesta, Tegucigalpa.

It was through her participation in these groups that she gained knowledge on the prevention of violence against women. 

This process helped her to recognise that she was a victim of domestic violence and she decided she had to end the abusive relationship. 

One afternoon, after her partner had attacked her again, both verbally and physically, she was in a lot of physical and emotional pain. That same day, she found the power within herself to leave. She decided she would never go back to the man who abused her. 

Y.Y.A.A now recognises that the abusive relationship had a negative impact on her self-esteem. She had neglected her personal appearance and felt devalued, with no goals or plans for her own life. 

Today, Y.Y.A.A. explains with a huge smile that she puts on make-up every morning and feels great. “I feel pretty” she says.

Currently, she is working towards reaching one of her goals, which is to set up a beauty salon in Tegucigalpa. 

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