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Schools from across Ireland celebrate winning Trócaire’s Romero awards

The Trócaire Romero Award highlights the efforts of people in Ireland and across the world to raise awareness of human rights violations and support people who are experiencing hardship. Tuesday’s Award Ceremony acknowledged the hard work carried out by students from all across Ireland over the course of the academic year.

At the ceremony, students got the opportunity to exhibit their projects and receive prizes in different categories. Trócaire received an incredible range of projects from schools. Entries included poems, songs, games and other creative forms of awareness raising. To say that we have been blown away is an understatement. 

The award winners have shown that there is a huge appetite among young people in Ireland to go beyond fundraising and to get involved and campaign for global justice.

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There was a carnival atmosphere on the day, with circus performers from Maynooth University Circus Society. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Students from St. Eunan’s, Raphoe, travel all the way down from Donegal to Maynooth for the ceremony. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Students from St. Mary’s Convent, Nenagh. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Students also got to meet ‘Go Go Dermo’ Higgins, who told the children about his adventures cycling around the world to raise money and awareness for Trócaire. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Oaklands community college, Offaly collect their award. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Anne from Athy College, Kildare reads her poem ‘The Ocean’ about Climate Justice. Photo : Garry Walsh

Eamonn Meehan, Trócaire Executive Director greeted award winnners on the day, saying “You were set the challenge of speaking up and speaking out with people all over the world who experience injustice.  Through your awareness raising projects you have done that.  I was impressed by the many different means of communication that were employed, from websites to online campaigns, videos, PowerPoints, posters and songs.”

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