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Remembering Berta Cáceres in Dublin

Last Saturday, April 16th, we remembered the fearless environmental activist and indigenous leader, Berta Cáceres who was brutally murdered in Honduras on March 3rd 2016.

We joined other social justice organisations, Frontline Defenders, Latin American Solidarity Group (LASC), and International Peace Brigades (PBI) Ireland, to remember Berta Cáceres at the top of Grafton Street Dublin from 1-2pm.

Watch a video of the event produced by Esperanza productions.

We honoured her life and what she fought for with poetry, flowers, and music from Guatemalan musician Fernando Lopez.


In the run up to the event, the amazing Naomi Klein recorded an inspiring video to encourage people to attend the event.

In a truly international event, we were joined by Trócaire managers who were visiting Ireland from all over the world.


We were also joined by Hondurans living in Ireland: Elizabeth, Yensi and Linda, who travelled from Cork and Donegal to join us on Saturday.

Berta Cáceres event in Dublin


Demand justice for #BertaCaceres

Over 1,250 people have already joined us in demanding justice for Berta Cáceres.

You too can demanding that Honduran authorities carry out an impartial investigation of Berta Cáceres brutal murder, and which the climate of impunity that exists in Honduras is tackled: Demand justice


‘Our Berta is the greatest inspiration we have known, that is why we feel a need to ensure that the truth about her life and struggle is heard. Berta’s fight is the dignified fight of all the peoples and the fight that the world needs.’

Taken from the statement made by Olivia, Bertha, Laura and Salvador, Berta’s children and her mother Austra Bertha, at her final resting place on 5th March 2016.


Listen to a podcast from the day produced by Esperanza productions.



Thank you for remembering Berta with us.

Please demand justice: www.trocaire.org/getinvolved/berta-caceres

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