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DR Congo

Promoting gender equality in DRC with Swedish funding

Trócaire is delighted to announce that the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) will finance a Trócaire project to reach 16,000 people in the territories of Mambassa and Djugu.

The project, benefitting 11,200 women and 4,800 men, was agreed with SIDA in recent months. It will be implemented by seven Congolese NGOs – operating as partners of Trócaire – with funding of $5,328,621USD (46,679,054SEK) over four years.

Since the late 1990s, the Ituri Province of DRC has witnessed some of the bloodiest fighting and gravest atrocities of Congo’s numerous conflicts. This included large-scale massacres and widespread sexual violence. The most intense period of conflict was 1999-2007 before a period of further violence in 2012. Such insecurity continues to affect the opportunities of Ituri’s estimated 4.2 million inhabitants. 

Working in two out of the four territories of Ituri province, the project – “Building peace through gender equitable and resilient communities in Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)” – aims to contribute to peaceful and gender equitable communities in Mambasa and Djugu territories. 

The proposed project will take place over a period of four years (September 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2022). It will be carried out by Trócaire and seven  key partners: FOMI, PADIP, CDJP-Bunia, CARS, PNA, CVAP, and FECONDE. In addition to collaborative  partners and allies during implementation will be: CEJP, HDC, FLEVICA, SOFEPADI, WILPF, and CFI.

Through this project, Trócaire hopes to achieve the following key results: an increase women economic empowerment and their presence in decision-making structures; boost the number of women in advocacy networks; strengthen women’s sense of security within the home and public spaces; support the physical and mental health, social and/or economic reintegration of SGBV survivors; improve service delivery as a result of Trócaire’s advocacy interventions.

Trócaire is delighted to work with Sida and values the collaboration that aims to bring about the vital changes needed for communities in Mambasa and Djugu territories. 

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