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Open letter to EU calls for action on Honduras violence

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Logos of the organisations who signed the joint letter to the EU. Trócaire is a part of the CIDSE network. 

The letter follows a disturbing clampdown on political opposition in Honduras that has seen protestors killed and detained. Over 30 people have been killed, with hundreds injured and over 1,000 arrested, since the disputed Presidential election in November.  

EU election monitors observed irregularities in the election, which led to the Organisation of American States (OAS) to call for a repeat of the vote. Protesters have taken to the streets to demand a re-vote, highlighting the lack of transparency around the result. 

The Honduran government responded by declaring a state of emergency on December 1st, including a temporary suspension of constitutional guarantees. Military police have opened fire on protesters and used excessive and indiscriminate violence against demonstrators. Human rights defenders have been deliberately targeted. 

Trócaire recently issued a statement condemning the violence.  

Trócaire, as part of the CIDSE network of development organisations, has signed a letter to the EU calling for the EU to issue a public statement to express concern at recent events in Honduras and calls on the Honduran government to abstain from excessive use of force against the population.

The letter was also signed by Front Line Defenders, Protection International, the SOS Torture Network, Grupo Sur, and CIFCA.

Read the open letter to the EU

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