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One4All Trócaire Charity Card hits a high note in GPO

One4all Gift Cards has raised over €126,000 for Trócaire since 2013 and hopes to continue the success this Christmas. 100% of the value of the charity card is donated to Trócaire.

Donations received through the One4all Trocaire Charity Cards will provide life-changing Christmas gifts for families overseas such as soap to prevent the spread of disease in war-torn South Sudan or hot school lunches to keep children in school in Somalia.

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George Murphy sings Christmas songs at the GPO to support One4All’s Trócaire Christmas gift card. Photo: Garry Walsh/Trócaire

“The One4all Trócaire Charity Card has raised over €126,000 for Trócaire’s programmes to-date” according to Gwen Dempsey, Trócaire’s Director of Fundraising. “The donations raised from the  card directly impact families and communities around the world and that is why it is so vital to Trócaire at Christmas. We appreciate the loyal support of One4all and An Post each year. A special thanks to George Murphy and The Wrafter Family Band for supporting the campaign this Christmas and making today a special event.”

“We are delighted to have played our part in raising much needed funds for this brilliant charity, “ said Louise O’Riordan, Senior Marketing Executive at One4all Gift Cards. “The Trócaire Gift Card makes a great gift for loved ones and is a wonderful way to support Trócaire’s great work across the globe.”

One4all Trócaire Charity Cards are available Post Offices nationwide.

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