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One year anniversary of East Africa emergency appeal

July 2018 marks the one-year anniversary of Trócaire’s emergency appeal in response to the crisis in East Africa.

This appeal responded to the threat of famine in Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia. A combination of drought and conflict left almost 25 million people facing severe food shortages.

The emergency appeal resulted in €5 million of donations from all over Ireland, including a national parish collection on the weekend of July 22/23 2017.

This compassionate generosity has helped us to provide emergency food, livelihood support and water supplies to some of the most devastated areas in the region.

Trócaire’s Olive Moore gives an update from Ethiopia, where we have provided clean water for 4,800 people. Thankfully the rains have come this year. Video : Trócaire.

Hope for drought survivors in Kenya

Two years of failed rains in Kenya plunged the country into crisis.

Turkana, one of the driest and poorest regions, has been at the centre of the drought, which has killed millions of the livestock that people depend on.

Thanks to the support of the Irish public, Trócaire has been able to distribute food aid and cash transfers through the Diocese of Lodwar.

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Esther Chegem and son, beneficiaries of the food distribution in Namoruputh in Central Turkana where Trócaire responded to the drought, distributing food packages through the Diocese of Lodwar. Photo: Aidan O’Neill.

Impact of your support

Thanks to the support of the Irish public Trócaire’s has been able to respond to the crisis in east Africa, providing water, food and funds to 170,000 people.

In recent months this has included:

  • Food support to 13,000 primary school children in Kenya.
  • Rain water harvesting installed for 1,112 households.
  • Clean water for 4,800 people in Ethiopia.
  • Seeds and tools for 20,000 people in South Sudan.

Nakuruka’s story

Nakuruka is an elderly widow. Drought left her without any way to produce or purchase food. Thanks to your support, Nakuruka is one of thousands of people receiving regular food assistance from Trócaire. This gives Nakuruka the chance to rebuild her life with dignity.

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Nakuruka Naleng’o, Turkana, Kenya. Photo: Aidan O’Neill.

Rains this year have eased the crisis but 2.8m Kenyans remain at risk of hunger. Trócaire continues to support communities at risk in East Africa.

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