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Marking World Water Day 2018 with the launch of The Water Fund

The newly launched Water Fund aims to bring fresh, clean water to thousands of families in an area of southern Zimbabwe that has been devastated by drought.

We are asking Irish businesses, organisations, or individuals to row in behind our campaign and help deliver precious water to families.

Key water facts

  • Globally, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home.
  • Many millions spend countless hours queuing and walking to distant sources. Forced to drink dirty water, they contract disease.  
  • Unsafe water and poor sanitation causes around 842,000 deaths each year.

62% live below the poverty line in Zimbabwe

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Grandmother, Beauty, grinds millet in rural Zimbabwe as her grandson looks on.

In southern Zimbabwe, people continue to face more frequent and more severe droughts. These droughts further reduce access to water, and lead to hunger, malnutrition and illness.

Rural women are particularly affected as they are responsible for 80% of agriculture production.

Many families in the areas where we work can only produce enough food for seven months of the year. The remaining five months are known as the hungry months.

You can help provide a lifeline to these people. Trócaire works in southern Zimbabwe to increase access to water and reduce hunger.

With you support our goal is to raise €160,000 over the next three years for drought-stricken Matebeland and Masvingo in southern Zimbabwe.

Our Water Fund aims to provide:

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  • 7 boreholes
  • 1 dam
  • 5 solar-powered pumps to irrigate fields
  • 1500 people to receive seeds, tools and training

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about The Water Fund and how you can help please contact Sinead Christian ([email protected] or 01 6293333).

Download the Water Fund Brochure for more details.

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