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Make a New Year’s Resolution that really matters

Ruth Tabu photographed outside her hut in Bidi Bidi refugee camp in northern Uganda, where Trócaire is assisting refugees from South Sudan. (Photo: Tommy Trenchard)

Make your New Year’s resolution today

Monthy Giving has a powerful impact on the way we work. It is the most effective way to ensure that our programs can make a lasting difference to people’s lives.

Your reliable monthly donation will mean that together we can stand alongside the forgotten mothers, fathers and children, no matter how long it takes.

A monthly gift to change a life

For as little as €10, you can provide nutritious food for an entire month for two children in Somalia.  In the Gedo region, our school feeding programme provides daily meals to over 4000 children.  

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Faadhumo sits in her class in the Gedo region of Somalia, where Trócaire provides school lunches and education to over 4,000 children. (Photo: Amunga Eshuchi) 

A school lunch is a lifeline for many children in Somalia. It is a simple and amazingly effective way to ensure that children receive at least one nutritious meal a day and it also encourages school attendance, which greatly improves their chances of a brighter future.

Trócaire has been working in Somalia since 1992. Our work is concentrated in the Gedo region of the country. Given the difficulties faced simply to secure food, we provide basic supports such as healthcare, nutrition and education to large numbers. Our long-term commitment to Somalia has helped Trócaire become a trusted actor in this volatile country.

This is just one example of how your monthly support can help. 

People who give regular gifts to Trócaire allow us to strengthen our commitment to helping even more women, men and children living in poverty.

Conflict, hunger and loss are forcing families around the world to live in fear. They feel abandoned and alone. 

But with your love and support we can help provide support, training, education and a brighter future; filled with security, freedom and possibilities. 

Join us today and kick off your 2020 to a great start.


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