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Climate change

Join the People’s Climate Change March on November 29

Be part of the biggest climate change event ever!

Climate Change March Poster


This December in Paris, world leaders will attempt once more to achieve an agreement on climate change.

And on Sunday November 29, people around the world will march on the streets to make sure they do.

The Stop Climate Chaos coalition will be out in force in Ireland.

Join us on Sunday 29 November at 2pm at:

  • Custom House Quay, Dublin
  • Grand Parade, Cork
  • Writer’s Square, Belfast

Put the date in your diary and tell your friends, family, and colleagues.

We want to see you there!

Join the Facebook events to get updates:

Dublin March: https://www.facebook.com/events/432542056954797/

Cork March: https://www.facebook.com/events/186029218398256/

Belfast Rally: https://www.facebook.com/events/1067121923313017/

Follow the conversation on Twitter: #climatemarch

A Better, Greener Ireland and You

The world’s scientists warn us we are changing the climate in a way that will fundamentally alter life on Earth. We face an unliveable world of floods, rising sea levels, droughts, heatwaves and storms. 

So far we’ve responded with a bizarre mixture of denial and defeatism. But scientists also tell us we have the power to stop this madness (see what they say – www.ipcc.ch)

By addressing climate change we can also create:

  • stronger communities
  • cleaner, safer spaces to live in with less air pollution and traffic
  • homes with cheaper energy bills due to better insulation and renewable sources
  • a healthier nation eating more local produce
  • and safeguard the great natural beauty of our amazing country

There are concrete steps you can take to be part of a better, greener Ireland.

But what’s Ireland got to do with climate change?

Did you know that the average Irish person produces about 12.4 tonnes of greenhouse gases making us one of the highest emitters in Europe per person? And we are on course to increase our greenhouse emissions across the board – in agriculture, transport and energy (see epa.ie).

But isn’t Ireland just a small nation? If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change we all need to reduce our emissions. Ireland has always punched above its weight on the world stage in our contributions to literature, science, the arts and much more. As a role model, we could do the same on combating climate change.

But what can I do as an individual? We thought you’d never ask!

Climate Change March

Give politicians the green light

If we’re going to get any political agreement to save our planet, our politicians need to know you’re giving them the green light to take action. Without politicians on board we will not get the major changes we need to our transport, agriculture and energy sectors. Ask for action in Paris.

Sign the Global Catholic Climate Change Movement Petition.

Let your politicians know that this is an issue you care about. Write to An Taoiseach Enda Kenny [email protected] asking him to do all he can to secure strong commitments for emissions reductions in Paris.

Contact your local representatives

Let your politicians know that their action or inaction on environmental issues will influence your vote in the next election. They keep telling us they’re not hearing about climate change as a concern from their constituents. Let them know about the green issues you feel strongly about.

Find your TDs here: oireachtas.ie/parliament/tdssenators
Find your MPs here: writetothem.com

Let us know how you get on contacting your politicians, send us an email at [email protected] (ROI) and [email protected] (NI)

Join the fossil divestment movement

If we are to combat climate change we have to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry, and the vast majority of untapped oil and gas must be left in the ground. Visit gofossilfree.org/europe and join up.

What you can do with your lifestyle

Eat less meat and/or dairy

To avoid climate chaos, all societies will need to embrace a less meat and dairy intensive diet. The beef and dairy we consume produce methane that’s playing a big part in overheating the planet. Meat production also uses unsustainable amounts of water. Try going meat free a few days a week. It’s easier than you might think! See vegetarian.ie for support.

Check out the Better Energy Homes scheme

The oil and gas we use to heat our homes produces a lot of the carbon that causes climate change. Have a look at seai.ie and see if the grants there will help you to afford better insulation in your home, ultimately saving you money on energy bills and reducing your fossil fuel consumption.

If you’re looking for more sustainable living ideas, we have them here.

For more info see:


An Taisce: antaisce.org

Stop Climate Chaos: stopclimatechaos.ie

Friends of the Earth: foe.ie

The Environmental Pillar: environmentalpillar.ie

Grow It Yourself International giyinternational.org

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