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John McColgan launches photography book in aid of Trócaire

John visited both countries in his role as Trócaire Ambassador. Best known for his work with Riverdance and Tyrone Productions, John is also an accomplished photographer with a keen interest in human rights issues around the world. 

In 2016, John embarked on his first travels as a volunteer with Trócaire to Palestine. He documented the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza who are experiencing the impacts of military occupation and blockade. He also photographed some of the brave Israeli activists who campaign for human rights for Palestinians. 

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John McColgan’s photograph of Sligo-born Sr. Bridget Tighe caring for people in Gaza. 

In 2018, John took his second trip with Trócaire, this time travelling to the Central American country of Guatemala. Trócaire began working in Guatemala in the 1980s during the worst time of the country’s horrific civil war leading to mass genocide. The people John met there are the forgotten people from the indigenous Mayan communities who continue to suffer severe human right violations leading to an existence in extreme poverty.

‘Looking at the Same Moon’ is a collection of some of the stunning images John captured on his travels. It gives an insight into the everyday lives of extraordinary people who live with dignity and resilience in the ever present shadow of fear and heartbreak. 

Just like ourselves, the people John met have the same hopes and dreams for their children and families. 

‘Looking at the Same Moon’ can be purchased for €25 plus postage by contacting Trócaire at 01 629 3333 or [email protected]. All money goes directly to Trócaire. 

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