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Being a Trócaire volunteer has given me so many opportunities

Volunteer Jenny Byrne on why she spends her free time volunteering for Trócaire

Jenny Byrne is a 22 year old student. She is currently doing her 4th year of a Bachelor’s of Science in International Development and Food Policy in University College Cork.  

I originally got involved with Trocaire over 2 years ago, as I was looking for volunteering opportunities to get involved in my community outside of my college work.

I chose to volunteer with Trocaire because of their strong reputation in Ireland, and the quality of their work overseas. Over the past few years I have been involved in Lenten campaigns, especially in schools and mass talks, as well as recruitment of new volunteers, and awareness-raising at various high-profile events.

Being a Trocaire volunteer has given me so many opportunities, and allowed me to meet some wonderful people. I have learned so much about global development, not only through trainings, but also through constant exposure to Trocaire’s life changing work in other parts of the world, that I may otherwise have been blind to.

Working with such experienced and passionate people as the Trocaire staff has altered my world view, and allowed me to become a more effective activist, with a broadened world view.

This is what I enjoy the most about being a Trocaire volunteer, being in constant contact with inspiring people doing incredible work all over the world, and feeling part of a broader cause: working to improve the lives of others.


Volunteer with Trócaire

Volunteering with Trócaire is an opportunity to contribute to an organisation that is committed to dignity and justice for all.

We currently have vibrant volunteer groups in various regions across Ireland and we are looking for more volunteers to join us.

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