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It’s not just…

Sarah looks at her dry, barren land and asks where her son’s next meal is coming from. Sami clutches his favourite teddy as he looks at the rubble of what was once his home. Mya sees the boys in her village go to school and wonders why her daughter can't receive an education too.

It’s not just that the rains don’t come.

It’s not just that Sami’s home was destroyed.

It’s not just that Mya’s daughter is denied an education because she’s a girl.

In our world today, millions of people live are denied food, safety and a future. They are living in fear and it’s not just.

This Christmas, your love can make all the difference.

Your donation – no matter how small – will provide water, food, shelter and a future for people living in poverty.

People like Sarah, Sami and Mya know the future they want. They just need your help to secure it.

For them, your kindness is not just an expression of love and kindness. It is a helping hand to a better future.

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