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Irish Girl Guides team up with Trócaire to tackle climate change

A new Trócaire climate action badge has been officially launched with the Irish Girl Guides (IGG) and their 12,000 members.

The result of an ongoing partnership with IGG, the badge was inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 13 – ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.’

This wonderful initiative, led by Trócaire’s Development Education team, is part of our ongoing work to use creative tools and processes to help young people understand the world we live in and increase awareness of their effect on it.

The badge is part of an integrated programme for Ladybirds (5-7 year olds), Brownies (7-10 year olds) and Guides (10-14 year olds) where girls participate in a series of activities related to climate action so they can earn their Trócaire badge and wear it with pride.

IGG Leader Jenny Gannon said that climate change has become a big area of concern for younger people over the past five years and hopes the new badge will highlight the issues in a practical way.

Jenny said: “We do it in way where we introduce them to real children from different parts of the world where Trócaire would be based and would have projects, so that they can relate their own experience here in Ireland to a child in Ethiopia or Honduras or Kenya.”

Trócaire is supporting communities affected by climate change in different parts of the world. It is also raising awareness of the urgent need to address climate justice and is calling for action by our government at national and international levels.

For more information on the work of Trócaire’s Development Education team please click here

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