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Irish poets of all ages celebrate at 2018 poetry competition

From Thurles to Tallaght, and from Carberry to Clonakility, winners from all over Ireland came to celebrate their poetic success.

The annual competition uses poetry to raise awareness about the global justice issues of our time. This year’s poetry competition, in partnership with Poetry Ireland, received a wide range of submissions on the theme ‘Until Love Conquers Fear’. 

Primary school pupils, post primary students and their teachers tackled the theme with creativity and gusto.

Eileen Casey from Dublin, reads her poem ‘The Power of Poems’. She came runner up in the adult published category.

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4 awards in one talented family! Elise from Fenit, Co. Kerry, has had three winning poems over the years, and her mother Lorraine won an award for her own poetry last year. Photo : Garry Walsh

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Winners Joseph Horgan, Sinead O’Reilly, Rhianna Lawrence and Daragh Bradish collect their awards on the day. Photo : Garry Walsh

Trócaire director Eamonn Meehan launched the event, saying “It’s such a thrill for the youngest children here to have their work published in a booklet alongside well known Irish poets”. 

The poetry competition “creates a synergy of wisdom, creativity and talent, which encourages young minds to keep exploring ways to make our world a better place”.

Elise from Fenit, Co. Kerry, won first prize in the primary senior category with her poem, ‘The Sea of Hope’.

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Winner in the primary junior category. Photo : Garry Walsh

Congratulations to all this year’s winners and runners-up, and thank you to everyone who entered. 

You can download this year’s poetry booklet here.

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