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Human Rights under threat during the Covid Pandemic

Governments are introducing emergency restrictions to protect public health during the pandemic. However, some countries are taking advantage of the lockdown to violate human rights. This pandemic must not be used as a smokescreen in order to oppress and dehumanise.

We have heard a lot about the impacts of the Coronavirus and how it is going to affect the most vulnerable.

Most governments are doing everything they can to protect their people. However, some are taking advantage of the global lockdown to carry out human rights violations.

Countries with weak democracies or authoritarian regimes are taking ad-hoc and disproportionate decisions. Some of these decisions cross a line from where it might be difficult to return. With everyone focused on their own internal problems, it seems no one feels accountable to anybody these days.

Some countries are almost denying the existence of the virus. This is stopping those affected from coming forward for fear of being stigmatised.

Others are making drastic and violent threats. In the Philippines, President Duterte threatened to “shoot” quarantine violators. In countries like Kenya and Honduras we are seeing police brutality and increased militarisation.


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