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Access to Justice

Human rights garden scoops Gold at Bloom

‘Resistance, a Garden for Trócaire’ tells the stories of courageous people we work with who speak-up in defence of people, land and the environment.

The garden won Gold in the medium-size Concept Garden category.

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President Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina visiting the garden to speak with designer Barry Kavanagh and Trócaire’s Katie Bolger.

Symbols of peace

Trócaire’s garden of resistance represents the plight of human rights defenders who are risking their lives and safety to protect their homes, way of life and communities from exploitation and eviction.

The garden is broken up into three areas of geographical representation; Palestine, Guatemala and Zimbabwe. Each section represents how human rights defenders in those countries are standing up for people at threat of eviction and violence. 

The Zimbabwe section illustrates a water resource being polluted by a mining company, while the Guatemala area is dominated by a scorched piece of land to represent how indigenous communities are evicted to make way for private businesses. 

The Palestine section features a stunning mural by Ciaran ‘Yohan’ Brennan of an Israeli man and Palestinian woman standing together to protect an olive tree, a symbol of peace in the region.

The garden is surrounded by Irish plants, representing people in Ireland embracing the people who are at the forefront of the struggle for justice in Palestine, Guatemala and Zimbabwe. 

A digital screen depicts those who have lost their lives while defending both human and environmental rights.

Designer Barry Kavanagh was delighted to win Gold:

“I’m delighted to win a gold for not only myself but for Trócaire and all the people they support,” he said. “I’m passionate about the environment and after reading the Trócaire brief I couldn’t turn it down. I’m grateful for the support of my friends, family and those who worked on the garden with me in the short timeframe.” 

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Trócaire supporters and volunteers staged a mock demonstration in support of human rights defenders to officially launch the garden.

You can take action to defend human rights defenders.

Bloom, which is Ireland’s largest garden festival, will be open to the public in Dublin’s Phoenix Park from  Thursday May 31st to Monday June 4th. For tickets and opening hours please see Bloom in the Park.

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