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Access to Justice

Human Rights and Refugees at the Ploughing Championships

Trócaire’s exhibit at the 2018 Ploughing Championships showcases our work on human rights, humanitarian assistance and livelihoods around the world.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to look inside a jail reflective of where human rights defenders are imprisoned in Honduras and Guatemala

You can also experience being inside a refugee tent like those from our humanitarian aid programme in Somalia

Jailed for defending their community

Look inside the jail cell door to get a sense of the awful conditions human rights defenders can experience when they are imprisoned for standing up for their rights. 

The exhibit is highlighting brave Human Rights Defenders who protect their communities and the environment from exploitation and human rights abuses by businesses.  

Last year was the deadliest year on record for human rights defenders across the world. 207 activists were killed for attempting to protect their communities, land and the environment from exploitation and human rights abuses.

We’ve launched a campaign to defend the defenders, and we’re looking for you to take action.

Living in very basic tents

The exhibition also shows a refugee tent which highlights the difficult living conditions for people who have been displaced by drought and conflict.

Trócaire responds to humanitarian crises in countries where natural disaster or conflict has put people’s lives at risk. Last year over a million people were supported directly by Trócaire’s emergency programmes across Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East last year. 

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A camp for displaced people in Dollow, Somalia, where Trócaire is providing emergency aid. (Photo: Amunga Eshuchi) 

Empowerment through making crafts

We also are displaying handicrafts from our women’s empowerment programme in Uganda. As well as displaying the bags and jewellery, we’re telling the story of Bibianna.

After her husband died in 1985, Bibianna (70) was stigmatised in her community and left to grieve by herself. In addition to this, she had the added stress of raising her six children with little help. 

Bibianna was supported by Trócaire local partners to make crafts. She now has a small shop at the entrance of her home. She says she is much happier now and can provide for her children and grandchildren.

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Women from ‘The Widows’ Programme making crafts in Uganda. Photo: Lisa Byrne.

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Trócaire staff and volunteers manning the stand at the 2018 Ploughing Championships

If you are visiting the Ploughing championships, call down to our stand and our staff and volunteers will give you a tour. We’re located at Block 2, Row 29, Stand 618 (Unit 35, 36 & 37). The closest gates to our exhibit is Gate 11. 

Many thanks to all of our supporters who have come by and said hello!

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